First part of radio-telemetry was finished

We spent already several months on the locality following tarsiers every night. During this time we had opportunity to collect valuable data about their nightly movements and home-range size. We also got several recordings of their acoustic communication. At the end of April one of the radio-collared female gave birth and we had very special opportunity to study another part of their lives. We followed the baby approximately for one month and watch its first steps. Unfortunately, our happiness didn?t last for long. The feral cats, civets, snakes and birds of prey are the most common natural predators and one of them also finished short life of our baby. It is very sad news, especially when the mother can also give birth once in a year

Shortly after this event we decided to finish our radio-tracking. We recaptured the animals and remove radio-collars. The first part of the field-work is over, but the project continues!

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