Night dwarfs of a jungle and reportage in Koktejl magazine

Koktejl 09/2009“Do you think it is normal for two adults to hang around voluntarily in the jungle in the middle of the night and moreover when it is raining?” I am asking the darkness beside me. The darkness is silent for a while only rain can be heard. In the end the darkness gives me the answer: “Sure, it is not.” I can feel the darkness laughing and I catch myself laughing as well. “Let´s go”, commands the darkness which in the flashlight has the image of a young woman. In a raincoat and a little light on her forehead she reminds of a will-o´-the-wisp. I am following doctor Mili in the jungle to become a part of the night dwarfs´world for a few days….

You will find exclusive reportage together with photographs in September edition of magazine Koktejl. Author of the article is photographer Petr Slavík who spent some time with us in the field in April this year (in Czech language only).

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