The Tarsius Project is looking for volunteers!

Would you like to spend interesting time in an exotic country knowing that you help to protect one charismatic species? If yes, we are looking for you.

Milada with an antena

We focus on radio-telemetry of the Philippine tarsier, study of their communication and also conservation education of local people focus on tarsiers and nature conservation. These are the topics where we welcome your help. We are looking for volunteers working in research or conservation education together with Czech-Filipino team. Minimal fieldwork period is one month any time during 2010 starting in January. If you want to support our project, but you cannot go to the field with us, there are other possibilities.

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  1. Júlia Jančušková

    Dobrý deň, mala by som záujem spolupracovať na Vašom projekte. Momentálne som v 5.ročníku odboru Wildlife management na ITS, z čoho dôvodu rozmýšlam, čo podniknúť po ukončení školy. Mohli by ste mi prosím Vás zaslať nejaké bližšie info?
    S pozdravom Júlia Jančušková

  2. Júlia

    I’m currently doing a Master in Primatology in Barcelona (Spain). I’ve become very interested in this species of primate (after doing a report on it)and would be very keen on doing more research. Could you send me some information on the volunteering project, please? (costs, requirements, availability..)

    Thank you,

  3. bonn aure

    great milada! how’s the project going?

  4. Milada

    Everyone interested in volunteering please contact me on

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