Another tarsier female is looking for adoptive parent

We were lucky yesterday again and with help of skilful local hunter we succeed to catch another tarsier female and radio-collar her. This female unfortunately does not have the adoptive parent yet and also the name. Join our tarsier adoption and support radio-tracking of the Philippine tarsier. Your contribution of 4 thousand CZK (150 euro) will help us to pay the cost of one radio-collar. As a reward you will receive detail information about life of this animal, colourful picture of the Philippine Tarsier, video and audio recordings and actual information about movements of “your” tarsier that we will collect in the field. The lifespan of battery in the radio-collar is lesser then one year, so we will have to change the radio-collars. However, you can enjoy the benefits of an adoptive parent during the whole period of study of “your” tarsier! Tarsius Project account.

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