Dr.Mili´s Pixies – reportage of Petr Slavík

Exclusive reportage of professional wildlife photographer Petr Slavík which appeared in September 2009 in travel magazine Koktejl, partner of the Tarsius project, including the title page photograph was translated to English and published on author`s website.

“Do you think it is usual for two adult people to voluntarily go around in a jungle in the middle of the rainy night?” I ask the darkness next to me. The darkness is quiet for a while and all I can hear is the rain. The darkness finally answers:”Of course it is not!” I feel the darkness is smiling and find out I am smiling, too. Two crazy people. Me and the darkness. The darkness` flash-light twinkles. “Let`s go!” orders the darkness getting a shape of a young woman in the light. She resembles a will-o’-the-wisp in her raincoat and with a small light on her forehead. I follow Dr. Mili to the jungle to become part of her world of night pixies for few days…..

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