Greetings from the tarsiers place

We are sending many greetings from the place of tarsiers. I came back after a longer break caused by healing of my hurt knee, but the observation continued successfully during that time thanks to diploma student Monika and Czech and American volunteers who came here to gain new experience as well as help the tarsier research. Many thanks to all of them. Our experience has shown that remote management of the project is very difficult and exhausting for all sides involved but I say that for me it was the most. But we made it! What has changed during that time? Weather almost not at all. When I was leaving it looked like peak of the monsoon season and now it looks really similar. It rains every day for several hours. The forest trails turned into brooks, the meadow into a lake and if the Filipinos decide to repair a road during the monsoon season it becomes a muddy slipway. So you can imagine how funny is a night observation in a hilly terrain. It has changed a lot regarding tarsiers. We succeeded to catch more animals. No we follow four animals and none of them has the adoptive parents yet. So if you want to support our project it is the last chance how to do it through adoption with feeling that you have “your own” animal on the other side of the world. Please find more information here.

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