Tarsius project updates

Dear Tarsius project fans,

it is a long time since we posted news on this website. The silence does not mean though that we done with the project. We keep beining involved in tarsier research and conservation.

The Czech team returned from the field in December last year as we informed you. Since that time we have been busy analyzing the data we recorded in the field. The radio-telemetric data will provide information about exact movement of tarsiers and the area they used during the time they were tagged with the radio-transmitters and observed. This information will be very important for our understanding of biology of this species and will help to plan future conservation in-situ.

Apart from this we keep close contact with the Simply Butterfly Conservation Centre in Bilar, Bohol, where we spent last year and the conservation activities continue there.

In the Czech Republic we are active with activities directed to local people, informing about our work and need of tarsier conservation. (This info is posted on our website in Czech only).

We will bring you further news from the Philippines soon.

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