The effort of the Czech experts in the tarsier protection bears its fruits

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  1. Caryl Mae Durango

    I’am highly passionate about my filipino culture and due to that I conducted my Senior Exit Project on the Endangered Tarsiers in the Philippines. I find this website very helpful although, I would love a personal interview of one of the Researchers. My product is building a website to inform community all over the world about the endangerment of Tarsiers. I would like some advice on how to accomplish valid information.
    – Sincerly,
    Caryl Mae from Charlotte, NC

  2. Milada

    if you have further questions please contact us directly. Milada Řeháková, Tarsius project

  3. Michael Sagaral

    Good Day!
    I am a MS Biology student from Ateneo de Davao University in the Philippines. We were asked by our professor to cite any conservation effort done in the Philippines to protect our endangered species. I got to visit your website and I’m honestly proud and thankful for the efforts you have exerted and are exerting. May I just know madam, what is the current situation of the number of tarsier in Bohol? Are the numbers increasing? I visited the sanctuary last May,2016 and we were able to see 6 live Tarsiers but I was alarmed when one of the staff told me that the number of tarsiers in Bohol is decreasing. Is the conservation effort that your actually doing (in which I am really so grateful about) bearing a positive result? Thank you for your response..

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