WAZA as a partner of the Tarsius project

We are pleased to announce that the Tarsius project became a partner of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The Tarsius project met the high standard criteria set by the WAZA office and has received the WAZA brand. Being a WAZA-branded conservation project has increased the credibility and understanding of the importance of our work. A short project description has been published on WAZA website and an article about the project will be published in the WAZA News.

WAZA is the unifying organisation for the world zoo and aquarium community. Its more than 300 members include leading zoos, aquariums, associations, affiliate organisations and corporate partners from around the world. It promotes cooperation between zoological gardens and aquariums with regard to the conservation, management and breeding of animals in human care and encourages the highest standards of animal welfare and husbandry. It promotes environmental education, wildlife conservation and environmental research. Through branding (and promoting) of suitable conservation projects WAZA became more involved in in situ conservation.

We thank WAZA for this support!

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