A lost species was rediscovered on Dinagat Island, Philippines.

Dinagat cloud rat - by William Oliver

Dinagat cloud rat - photo by Václav Řehák

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  2. Fernan James R. Sale

    im a veterinary medicine student living in Impasug-ong, Bukidnon, Mindanao. i believe cloud rats still roam our place here.. recently, some of our farm workers caught a weird looking rat in one of our corn plantation. this was an exact kind of rat i once shot 3-4 years ago near a river. if i may describe the rat, the body color was totally similar to the northern luzon cloud rat, but the fur seem to be much dense, ad the tail had a black and white rings alternately placed. sadly i have not took a picture of the animal. and i did not know it was endangered after i saw a link on the net. maybe someone should go to my place, and conduct research, i would be glad to come along. knowing that these rats are critically endangered, i believe the people here should be educated to this magnificent creature, because i heard that they often catch them, and eat them. that’s terrible.

  3. Fernan James R. Sale

    another info regarding the diet of the rat. i tried to open the stomach, and found out that it ate mainly grasses, some seeds of indigenous legumes, and bits of corn.

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    Dobrá práce! Čekám na další příspěvky.

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