Tarsius team organized a workshop for local community

BilarSeminarRecently, a seminar about handicrafts was held in the village of Subayon , Bilar-Bohol.  Attended by a large number of local people of all ages, the workshop was about how to make dream catchers and other crafts made from common materials in the area such as coconut shell and bamboo. The workshop was held with the joy and
curiosity that characterizes people here. All materials were provided, so attendees could put into practice what they learned. It was very fun and rewarding, I was impressed by speed and good work of many attendees, an enviable talent!

The reason for this initiative is to provide an opportunity for the people of this town to make a profit by making crafts, which are currently beginning to be offered for sale in Habitat Conservation Center’s souvenir shop, in Bilar, while another part of the proceeds from the handicrafts goes towards the Tarsius Project: wildlife monitoring, habitat protection, behavioral studies and breeding center maintenance.

Also in April, during Easter, was organized in Habitat Conservation Center the Face -Painting activity, to take advantage the large number of tourists who visit the center at this time, and the money was allocated to Tarsius Project. The most popular face-painting designs: colorful butterflies, flowers, lizards, bats and many more. For my part: delighted, many different people to talk, it was a pleasure, I love to paint !

Text and photo: Elba Gonzalez Betancor – volunteer field assistant

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