Hot news from tarsiers!

We bring hot news from our first tarsier pair. Nina and Julius mated for the first time. We will see if this breeding attempt was successful. If so, in about half year we can expect a first tarsier baby born in our centre.

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  1. tbsbet

    Doo doo doo doot doot doo, doot doo doot doo…
    Not to complain but this is now stuck in my head.

  2. จีคลับ

    As I sat indoors today, watching the rain grace us with its presence through a large window looking over The Bay, I felt a strong need to embrace, what could be, one of the coziest days of the year. Unfortunately, we have not gotten much rain this year, so on the days it comes down in full force, we must embrace it and let it know we welcome it…

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