Nina and Julius finally together


Julius the tarsier, photo by Milada Řeháková

Hot news from last week!

More than one year since we got Julius, the first tarsier in our conservation centre in Bilar, we could finally put our male and female tarsier together in one enclosure. Nina and Julius are currently housed in a smaller enclosure (meant for quarantine purpose, better observation or in case when needed – as it is now because the big enclosure is being improved). Each tarsier has its own part and this parts can be join together by removing the net wall between them.

Nina and Julius were joined last week. They exhibit some social behaviour like approaching each other, sniffing or grooming. For the first day they slept together in his part of the enclosure. There were no signs of aggression so we hope that they like each other.

We will keep you informed about other breeding attempts.

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