About us

RNDr. Milada Řeháková, Ph.D. – project team leader

Milada Petrů
She is a leader and coordinator of the project, absolvent of master study Ecology and Ethology, Department of Zoology, Charles University in Prague and postgraduate study of Zoology at the same Faculty.  In 2003-2013 she worked as a zoologist at Decin Zoo where she got experiences with animal husbandry, enrichment or registration and also worked as Fishing cat EEP coordinator. She has lot of experiences with research of free ranging primates. She spent 15 months in India (2002-2006) studying play behaviour of Hanuman langurs and 2 months on preliminary study on Philippines, where she got acquainted with local conditions and started cooperation with local organizations and experts necessary for realization of this project. Since 2009 she spent many months on Bohol island, Philippines, working on the Tarsius project.


RNDr. Lubomír Peške

Lubomír Peške
He is expert in radio-telemetry of different bird and mammalian species in all over the world. His participation in the project helps us in planning and preparations of the project, arrangement of all the technical equipment and also following analyses.

Petr Slavík

He belongs among those who were born with the love for wilderness. The “vagrancy” that is how Petr Slavík calls his beginnings as a traveller which transformed into the precisely organized and demanding expeditions to animals on the brink of extention. Petr´s images brought from his expeditions have been presented to public in several exhibitions. Events like “Out of Africa”, “The Lost World” or the charity evening “In the Tropics of Three Continents” do not present only the art of the author. The proceeds from the auction entering his exhibitions support the breeding of rare animal species. “Life is a path and we are pilgrims searching for beauty and adventure”, this is what Petr is saying about his trips to the real wild, but he also cares about the animals living in captivity. He is in close collaboration with the Zoo of Ústí nad Labem in the Czech Republic. Petr Slavík is the author of the publication “Wild Hearts” presenting the inhabitants of the Zoo. His is living according to this motto:”Walk without trampling”. You can find unique photographs of the Philippines tarsiers on author´s web site.

Ing. Václav Řehák

Václav Řehák Provides all-round help with project, takes care of our web site and participated on scientific and educational programme for filipino students.




We are very thankful to all field assistant, volunteers and students that help us during the project.