How do the tarsiers talk to each other?

Photo by Petr Slavík

Tarsier pictures in Daily Mail

Photo by Petr Slavík

Tarsier pictures in international media

Photo by Petr Slavík

Celebration of magazine Koktejl

tarsier products store

Tarsius project on the ARKive Blog

A lost species was rediscovered on Dinagat Island, Philippines.

Dinagat cloud rat - by William Oliver

Dinagat cloud rat - photo by Václav Řehák

Results of the Tarsius project observations published in Acta Ethologica

Tarsier baby with its mother - photo Milada Řeháková

News about the last Czech fieldtrip to the Philippine tarsier

New tarsier enclosure in Loboc - photo Milada Řeháková

The Czech deputy minister of foreign affairs visited the Philippines and also the tarsier conservation project

The effort of the Czech experts in the tarsier protection bears its fruits

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