Veliké zelené oči skryté v lese

Na následujících primatologických stránkách můžete najít rozhovor s Dr. Miladou Řehákovou:

Milada and newly caught tarsier

„Each primate species has its own threats and heroes, and the tiny Philippine tarsier (Tarsius  [Carlito] syrichta) it’s not an exception. In this case, the main threats, shared by almost all the species of the order, are the loss of habitat and illegal pet trade. To unveil what is being doing to protect it and how, we have interviewed Milada Řeháková, the young team leader of the Tarsius Project.“

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  1. Gina

    I'm no help either. I haven't taken part in this type of read since my Danielle Steele days back in high school and college! The best person to talk to would be Ta/edsHeiahnkind at Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Books!

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