Tarsius plugin for Quantum GIS

Processing of telemetry data collected in the field is performed in Quantum GIS, an open-source GIS program. For the purpose of the project we developed a python plugin and made it available under the GPL license. You can download the plugin and sample data here. Please bear in mind that the plugin development is still in experimental phase and some settings and use cases are closely tight to our needs only.


  1. Download and install QGIS
  2. Add Tarsius plugin repository
    • Go to Plugins – Fetch Python Plugins – Repositories
    • Click Add
    • Fill in Name: Tarsius Project, URL:
  3. In the Plugins tab find and install Tarsius Plugin
  4. Start new QGIS project and configure projected reference system
    • Settings – Project Properties – Coordinate Reference System
    • Check “Enable ‘on the fly’ CRS transformation”
    • Select CRS (the sample data is from The Philippines so we use Projected Coordinate Systems – Universal Transvers Mercator (UTM) – WGS 84 / UTM zone 51 N)
  5. Add the vector layer from .shp from sample data and press F7 or click Plugins – Telemetry – Tarsius
  6. Click “Import List” and load the data from bearings.csv
  7. Use “Selected”, “Fix” or “All” buttons to draw the lines corresponding to the bearings or “Clear Lines” to remove them.