Night Safari tour


Join the night safari tour inside the Rajah Sikatuna National Park, Bilar and get an amazing experience of being in the tropical forest after dusk. You may enjoy the unique wildlife with all your senses and learn about all the wonders that can be encountered in the forest at night.

Spot tarsiers in their natural habitat. Besides tarsiers you can encounter flying lemurs, civet cats, bats and fruit bats, owls, frog mouths, nightjars. Snakes can be also encountered but do not be afraid, we have trained guides. Frogs and various insect species will sing one of the most fascinating concerts of nature. Thousands of shiny eyes or glowing mushrooms will bring you to the world of fairy-tales.


What is the night safari tour:

Tarsiers, a symbol of Bohol and natural heritage of the Philippines as well as many other unique wildlife of Bohol are nocturnal. Therefore we present our night safaris making this the best time to observe tarsiers and other nocturnal wildlife in their natural habitat, and in the natural activity period. Dusk is when the nocturnal animals are just waiting up and starting to feed, so this is normally the easiest time to encounter a tarsier in the wild.

Please keep in mind that the natural home range of a tarsier is about 3ha. The forest is very big and the tarsier very small. So the tour is not just about seeing a tarsier but bring awareness of the environments in which the tarsier lives. The nocturnal way of the world that we don’t normally take the time to stop and look at, is in fact full of live. We want to offer a positive eco friendly way to experience the wildlife in natural surrounding and bring about awareness of habitat conservation. But is not only about tarsiers! Also other interesting wildlife species have their place in the nature.

The safari area is about 6 km from the butterfly centre inside the Rajah Sikatuna National Park. The safari is about 1,5 hour long along a hiking trail, and that motor bike is used to get there.

NEED: Shoes, long pants, top jacket, mosquito repellent


Proceeds from the safari go towards:

  • Eco friendly livelihood for the local people who live in the area.
  • Better habitat protection by employing local people and hopefully educate new conservationists
  • Supporting our research and conservation project which includes; monitoring, behavioral studies, conservation education for locals and establishing a breeding centre for tarsiers. We hope that with the research carried out that we can find out the number of tarsier left in the wild and set about finding a way to protect and breed the tarsier before it is too late.


The night safari tour includes:

transport from butterfly centre to and from the night safari area in the Rajah Sikatuna (local motorbike drivers)

local spotters and English speaking guide

flashlights and booklet with information about night safari and wildlife

optional dinner at the butterfly garden

transport to and from Bilar is NOT included


Price: Children under 10years half price

SAFARI: 900P/person (if 5 more people – 800P/person)




Safari must be pre-booked by 10:30 am

Dinner can pre-ordered from the menu at Habitat before the start of the safari

Accomodation is available at Habitat Bohol for those who want to stay overnight.

Maximum group size 10 people

Pre-safari meeting at butterfly centre at 5:00pm

Safari starts at 5:30pm

In case of bad weather safari cancellation time is 2:30pm

Safari group size is limited so please book early

A briefing is given at the butterfly garden before safari

Safari time is about 2 hours but can be shorter or longer by request


PLEASE CONTACT DIRECTLY FOR SAFARI BOOKING (do not contact Tarsius Project e-mail)