Research and conservation of engangered species of the Philippines

Radio-telemetry (by Petr Slavík)

Tarsiers as a tourist attraction (by Milada Řeháková)

Programme for schools (by Milada Řeháková)

In our project we focus on raising awareness and organizing conservation educational activities in cooperation with our partners. We focus on training of local workers and young conservationists that will be involved in tarsier conservation. We organize presentations for local schools; together with the Philippine Science High School we lead 2 weeks internship programme in 2009-2010.In 2014-2017 we developed several educational programmes that were joined by more than 800 pupils and teachers. Together with Bohol Habitat Conservation Centre in Bilar we focus on education of visitors. We produce informative posters in local and English language for visitors in tarsier habitat areas and promotional leaflets in local and English language for local and foreigner visitors. We organize presentation for broad audience in Czech Republic and write reportages for magazines and newspapers. The documentary film about the Tarsius project was made in Czech and English version in 2011.